Entering Midland Fitness Club, members and guests will be treated  with a warm smiles from our hostess and will helps guided clients to the perspective area.

Located on the first floor is the body and foot massage area, all rooms decorated in a serene setting with low volume music playing in the background to provides calmness and peaceful feeling while our masseuses performs a combinations of ancient and modern arts to relief tensions and stress in the body.

The second and third floor, separated by gender, is our steam, dry-sauna and shower rooms. Clients will gain health benefits by using our steam and sauna room to detoxify and balance the chemicals in the body by opening pores in the skin to sweats and carried out toxins, increase the metabolism and elevated the heart-rate.
On the fourth floor, our fitness center, equppied with modern excercise equipments and professional trainers; we emphazied on developing and maintaining our clients to cardiovascular efficiency, as well as muscular strength, endurance and flexibility through circuit and/or strength training.